To upload files, please follow these steps:

  • First you will need to register on CCPrinting- see login/register link in the upper right of the top menu.
  • Upon registration, you will receive an email confirming your account registration.
  • Please go to your email and confirm your account.
  • Then, please login to CC printing- upper right of menu.
  • Once logged into CC printing, you will notice My Uploads link upper right of menu.
  • Click on the My Uploads link and you will brought to the Uploads page.
  • Notice that you can upload from this page and also view all of your previous uploaded files.
  • You are logged in securely, so these uploaded files will be visible to you, as the logged in user, only.
  • Please contact us with any questions: (702) 734-0897 or email us.

File Formats

  • Please supply press-ready .pdf files with .125″ bleed, crop marks, and all fonts embedded. We also except native files from the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Please package InDesign and Illustrator files with fonts outlined or included with all supporting links.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel are accepted, however, a file manipulation charge ($20 min.) will be added to the print estimate.
  • Microsoft Publisher files are not accepted.


File Preparation Checklist

Preparing Your Layout

  • Please name your file in a way that readily matches it to the job. (Ex. “(JonesCoTrifoldBrochure.pdf”)
  •  Set all document pages to the final trim size. Do not include the bleed in the document size.  
  •  Extend all images and elements a minimum of 1/8″ (.125) onto the pasteboard in order to provide enough image area for bleed.  
  •  Please supply your file 1-up or single pages if printing booklets . Files may contain multiple pages, but do not build files in spreads (i.e. two 8 1/2 x11 pages built on an 11×17 page). In addition, you do not need to paginate booklet files. Number pages whenever possible, and our pre-press software will properly paginate your document. 


Using Fonts

  •  Please choose fonts with native bold and/or italic versions rather than manually stylizing a font. Otherwise, we may be required to reset your manual bold, italic, and bold italic styles to correct font design at an additional charge.  


Preparing Images

  •  Please make sure all jpg, tif or eps images are saved at actual size, 300 dpi.
  •  Please convert to CMYK or Grayscale color space, as needed, before placing into your file. RGB images not converted to CMYK or Grayscale may print with unexpected results.  


Using Colors
: Full Color Process, Spot Color

  •  When using Pantone or custom spot colors in a graphic program such as Illustrator, ensure that all color names are consistent in your page layout file and all linked images as well. View your finished file as separations to ensure all items in the design will print properly.  

NOTE: Colors with different names, no matter how slight the difference (Pantone Coated vs. Pantone Uncoated even if it is the same number, i.e. 286c and 286u), will produce separate plates resulting in extra costs for file manipulation.

If you are unsure about using spot colors, print out your document in separations as well as a composite before sending your job to Copy Cat. (This will show you which elements of your document will print on which color plate, and can alert you to potential printing concerns.)

CMYK – if your job is to be 4 color process, be sure to convert all colors (RGB, CIE-Lab, indexed color) to process before submitting your files.