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The History of Copy Cat Printing

In 1973, the Serres Family left Wisconsin to start a new venture in Las Vegas. Bob a had a vision of opening his own hardware store when he met a man who was selling his print shop, Kopy Kat. He quickly changed his mind about the hardware store, and jumped into the printing business. Copy Cat Printing was created.

The first location was a small mom-&-pop operation, in the back corner of Tiffany Square on Maryland Parkway and Flamingo Road. Equipment consisted of one single-color printing press, a folding machine, and a small cutter.

Copy Cat started out like most companies, with only a handful of clients. Our relationships with clients and the quality of our work earned us a positive reputation, granting loyalty and confidence from the people and companies we printed for. Word-of-mouth advertising created and sustained our business, and that is something we are very proud of. Please help us keep word-of-mouth advertising alive, and give us the opportunity to turn you into a loyal customer who is confident in recommending Copy Cat Printing to friends and colleagues.

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Copy Cat Printing is a full service printer in Las Vegas, NV backed by in-house modern digital and offset printing processes.


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